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For many parents, the interventions proven to help their child are simply cost prohibitive. And for those who financially cannot afford the treatments, limited resources may mean the difference in reaching, or losing, their child. While the cause of autism is still unknown, early intervention is proven to be one of the most influential factors for the successful socialization and development of children with autism.


Everyday, children are entering, and leaving, this critical window of opportunity.


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Did you know…

  • Autism is the fastest growing developmental disorders in our country, affecting more children each year than childhood cancers, aides, and juvenile diabetes combined.
  • The CDC reports in 2014 that 1 in 68 children are affected by autism.
  • Scientific studies have demonstrated that early intensive behavioral intervention improves learning, communication and social skills in young children with autism.
  • Children receiving therapies before age 7 have an 87% chance at significant improvement, with almost half being indistinguishable from their peers.
  • Behavioral therapies average 25 hours per week of structured, therapeutic activities by a team of therapists who focus on the unique needs, values, and perspectives of the child and his or her family.
  • In Austin, the average cost for 3 hours of speech and 3 hours of occupational therapy each week is $36,000 a year.
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), the best researched therapy for autism, is prescribed from 15 to 40 hours per week and costs as much as $75,000 per year.


Why help?

"We asked Mara's mother to help us answer that question…

“My daughter has autism. A year ago she would barely say a word. She did not follow any directions. She spent hours every day crying and couldn’t tell us what was wrong. She would hit and kick. It took 2 adults to put her clothes on…and when we did, she would rip them back off. I cried daily. I felt like I didn’t know my daughter and I feared that I never would. Then we found Imagine A Way… Today I just heard “I want more tickles”. A few minutes ago she was asked to find the picture of a laughing girl, and she picked up the correct picture without hesitating….I can say thank you again and again, but it would never be enough. And I promise you this: One day soon, my daughter will be able to say thank you for this gift. And her words are the best expression of the gratitude in my heart.”
Together we will help families Imagine A Way!
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