Imagine A Way Staff
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Amy Hamand
Program Director

What inspires you to work for IAW? Imagine A Way sponsored my daughter, Mara, between the ages of 3 and 7. Without Imagine A Way, my family would not have been able to afford the therapies Mara needed. Today, Mara is doing well and our family is in a better position to be able to continue providing for her needs. Imagine A Way gave us the ladder we needed to climb out of what seemed like a desperate situation. I am honored to be able to help other families who find themselves in similar situations.

What do you value most about what IAW provides? Imagine A Way provides hope. Therapy is the most important tool in helping autistic children learn to communicate. Communication is key to functioning in life. When families cannot afford that critical therapy, they are left hopeless. Imagine A Way brings back that hope.

Prior to working for Imagine A Way, I was a middle school math teacher and later a stay at home mom. My role as program director includes connecting families with therapy providers, helping families navigate through those services and connecting families to one another. I also serve as event director, coordinating details for our annual gala and clay shoot fundraisers.

Lauren Lewis
Development Director

What inspires you to work for Imagine A Way? I am inspired by the families and passionate community we work with. Seeing the direct impact Imagine A Way makes on a daily basis is surreal. Hearing about a child who was non-verbal finally saying “I Love You” for the first time is priceless. Knowing that Imagine A Way is truly changing lives in Austin is the best reason to get out of bed every day.

What do you value most about what Imagine A Way provides? Imagine a Way provides peace of mind to families. It’s not just financial support. It’s giving families time to spend together because they aren’t worried about when their next therapy bill is coming. They are not getting second and third jobs so they can afford therapies critical to their child’s quality of life. It’s a weight lifted when a family knows they can confidently get their child the help he or she needs. It’s a network of people who “get it”. Imagine A Way is an extended family…always there to help.

Prior to working with Imagine A Way, I graduated from the University of Michigan in 2012. I have worked in various Development roles--all in autism non-profits. I have had my hand in everything from Marketing/Communications to Special Events to Corporate Giving, but the constant for me has been autism. While, I didn’t have a personal connection to autism, I now have hundreds that inspire me every day. As Imagine A Way’s Development Director, I look forward to growing our impact in Central Texas and getting more people involved in such an amazing organization.

Together we will help families Imagine A Way!
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