Autism Resources and Blogs
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Autism Resources and Blogs
Does My Child Have Autism?

This anonymous blog post was submitted by an Imagine A Way dad when he first applied for a grant from IAW. It highlights the emotional side of an autism diagnosis and how important family ties are.

Financial Planning and Special Needs Trusts

Northwestern Mutual and Amini & Conant bring the special needs community information and steps toward planning for the future.

Technology to Support Individuals with Autism

dive into the world of how to use technology to support individuals on the autism spectrum — from communication devices to life skills apps and more.

Lusia and Cannon
Webinar Series
Lifelong Needs of Siblings

Colleen Williams of the Texas Sibling Network shares her insights on the important topic of sibling relationships. A panel of 4 siblings shares their experiences and feelings about growing up with a sibling on the autism spectrum.

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More Special Needs resources

Imagine A Way not only grants financial support for children with autism to cover their critical therapy expenses, we also provide resources for our families. Here you will find a compilation of the resources, blogs and recorded webinars from Imagine A Way and our amazing community partners.

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"After months of therapy, Maevin has made huge progress in speech. It’s amazing hearing his little voice. From the I love you’s all the way too the no’s. He is able to tell us most of his wants and needs. This progress would not have been made without the help of IAW. My family will forever be thankful!"

-Maevin’s Mom

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