Meet Pearson.
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“Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine,” Alan Turing, creator of the first computer used to break codes during WW II.
When Pearson was born, his parents, Yvonne and Aaron, had dreams for his future that were like those of most parents. They imagined that he would go to school, learn to read, ride a bike, later drive, graduate from high school and go to college. But by the age of 2, their son was not speaking at all. He could not be physically close to anyone other than his mom and dad. He was constantly frustrated because he could not communicate. His only method of communication was screaming.

Pearson was diagnosed with autism

“I am worried that he may never be able to have friends. I worry that he will not have anyone to be close with once I’m gone.” – Yvonne (Pearson’s mom)
Yvonne and Aaron needed to find a way to reach their son. He couldn’t handle a typical preschool environment. He spent his days crying and screaming through any small change. Pearson’s doctor prescribed ABA therapy. Insurance would not cover any of it.

“We had drained our savings of $5000 to pay for ABA and were down to paying as we went. We could only afford 5 hours a week of ABA. That amount per month was still a stretch for us, more than our mortgage payment, & only a fraction of the recommended amount of 22.5 hours of ABA that the therapists recommended.”
It wasn’t enough. Pearson needed intense therapy. And he needed it now. They turned to Imagine A Way.

The change in Pearson has been amazing. He now eats his meals with his family and helps clean up after. He has learned to use pictures to communicate his wants and needs with his parents. Recently, Pearson began to use an iPad to communicate.

One afternoon, Pearson was looking over his sister's shoulder for a while as she played a game on her tablet.

He then got up, retrieved his iPad, and entered the phrase "I want - my turn.” His sister happily complied.

“He has been much happier and less frustrated since he started communicating with the iPad. Also, it's clear now that he understands what's going on around him and what people are saying. It’s great to hear the audio output from the device. I can hear his voice.” –Aaron (Pearson’s Dad)

“2 years into receiving therapy & we are at peace as a family. Pearson's behavior & communication have improved to the point where we can enjoy daily life. I now know my son's interests. He can ask for toys & food on his iPad. He loves Monsters University & Birds. He completely brought me to tears the first time he asked for a little orange panda bear using pictures. I waited 3 1/2 years before I knew that my son cared enough to have a favorite toy. He is in there! He has thoughts & preferences & feelings! All of these simple moments that we didn't have for the first 2-3 years of his life, we now have, only because of the intensive hours of therapy he is receiving.” –Yvonne (Pearson’s Mom)

This is the gift that Imagine a Way gives. It gives peace. It gives hope. It gives balance.

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