Meet Mason.
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Mason with Twin photo
"Everyone has a mountain to climb and autism has not been my mountain. It has been my opportunity for victory."  –Rachel Barcellona

When Mason came to Imagine A Way, he was almost 4 years old and only had a handful of words. He had aggressive behaviors that included kicking, screaming, biting and throwing things. He was not potty trained. The delays in Mason’s development were obvious since his twin brother, Riley, was developing typically. The family regularly came up with excuses as to why they could not attend events with friends and family because they didn’t know when their son would meltdown. They felt completely alone.

Stefanie, Mason’s mom, had just received a promotion at work when she happened to peek into his classroom at daycare. Mason was staring at the ceiling, sitting at a table by himself. Stefanie asked his teacher if this was common and was heartbroken to learn that this was all her son did unless he was forced to participate in something else.

Stefanie stepped outside, called her boss, and quit her job.

Going from a 2 income family to a 1 income family was a struggle to say the least. Mason needed intense therapy, but with the family’s income slashed and insurance that did not cover that therapy, they were stuck in a difficult position. Mason’s parents turned to Imagine A Way.

Mason began ABA therapy with financial help from Imagine A Way and within 6 months, he began speaking in full sentences. His aggressive behaviors have significantly decreased and he now enjoys playing with his brothers and his peers.

When a family has a child with autism, little milestones can be huge milestones.

“Mason tells me goodbye and gives me a hug when I leave for work now.” –Mason’s Dad
Mason’s family can now go on fun outings like attending Cub Scout events or kayaking. They are no longer in survival mode. He is meeting goals as fast as his therapists can write them and his parents have no boundaries on their hopes for his future.

“I see Mason growing up to be included in general education, making friends and becoming a productive member of society. The sky’s the limit!” –Mason’s therapist

Mason photoMason w/brothers photo Mason w/family photo

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