Meet Mara.
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Imagine a Way: The Hamands from Castleview Productions on Vimeo.

Mara has tremendous sensory issues. To you or me something like a runny nose is annoying. To Mara, it is all consuming, and she doesn’t have the words to ask for help.

Without words, she would get stuck in a terrible cycle. With her nerves raging out of control, she’d act out because she couldn’t communicate the struggle she felt inside, but she couldn’t communicate when her nervous system was raging beyond control.

With therapy, Mara is making progress. Therapy is giving her the keys she needs to escape that cycle!

Would you give $200 a month for the keys to free more children from these cycles of frustration?

Did you know…

  • Scientific studies show early intensive intervention improves learning, communication, and social skills in young children with autism.
  • Extreme sensory issues are very common in autism. Their nervous systems do not know what to block out and what to amplify. Therapy can give them coping strategies.

Imagine A Way: All About Mara from Castleview Productions on Vimeo.

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