Meet Levi.
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With each new milestone, Levi’s parents’ dreams grew. Dreams of Levi as a baseball player. Levi at The University of Texas. And when their second son was born, dreams of two brothers, constant companions and the best of friends.

But at age 2 ½, the diagnosis of autism dashed those dreams. Playing baseball now a distant illusion… would Levi ever be able to communicate his fears, his wants, and his needs? The camaraderie of brothers, replaced with the simple hope that Levi would be able to experience friendship. And The University of Texas was mourned as an aspiration simply too ambitious for their little boy who would have to work so hard to just experience and express feelings.

Days later they were hit with the debilitating blow of the cost to help Levi. The realization that there was something out there that would help their son, but they could not get to it was the absolute lowest point of their life.

Then they found Imagine A Way. Today, the crippling fear of what the future holds for Levi is giving way to intrigue with the amazing potential of their son.

Would you give $100 a month to help more children like Levi have the chance to play baseball, be a brother, and perhaps even attend The University of Texas?

Did you know…

  • The rate of autism in boys is now 1 in 54
  • Boys are 4x more likely than girls to have autism
  • Often parents’ concerns with boys are dismissed as “boys are just late bloomers”

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