Meet Joshua.
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At 5 years old, Josh was still not talking. When you are 5 and have no words, something as simple as a tummy ache can begin a meltdown.  

Tired from a long day, Josh began whining and crying, and as was often the case, his parents had no idea why.

But this night was different.

In therapy, Josh had been learning to use his iPad, so they handed it to him. Within seconds, he went from “me and my needs”, to “feelings” and then touched “I don’t feel good”.

As soon as he heard the voice saying it, Josh took a long breath, stopped crying, and smiled.

Would you give $150 a month to give a voice to another child whose tummy ache, earache, or sore throat cannot be heard?

Did you know…

  • Picture Boards and iPads used in therapy are giving children like Josh a voice until he learns his own
  • Speech therapy can provide the autistic child with ways to communicate their needs more effectively; reducing emotional outbursts due to not being able to express one’s self.
  • The average annual cost for speech and OT therapy for a child with autism is $36,000.

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