Meet Jaeger & Amelia.
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Jaegar & Amelia photoWhen Amelia was 2 years old, she only used about 6 words. Her parents looked for help from a speech therapist. Six months later, they hadn’t seen much improvement. Amelia experienced 2 hour long screaming meltdowns. She had no way to express her needs.

Amelia’s mom, Heidi, tried to work with her daughter on her own, but without more guidance, she did not feel equipped to help her. The family faced a lot of stress and their relationships took a back seat to what Amelia needed.

In addition to the hours spent in therapy, families with a child on the autism spectrum spend many hours researching, scheduling, and driving to appointments. Imagine what that amount of time looks like when it is multiplied by 2.

Amelia’s younger brother Jaeger was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in July of 2014. Jaeger struggled with many sensory issues. A task as simple as getting dressed could take Jaeger as long as an hour. Jaeger also struggled to communicate. His frustration with not being able to communicate could quickly turn into aggression. Adding to all of this stress, the family found that their insurance policy would not cover ABA therapy for either child.

The out of pocket cost would be $15,000 per month.

The family reached out to Imagine A Way.

Today Amelia is nearly speaking in full sentences. She can now tell her mom and dad when she doesn’t feel well and is showing increasing interest in engaging with her family and her peers. Amelia started school and now spends 95% of her time in the general education classroom. Next school year, her teachers believe she will be ready to be mainstreamed in the classroom.

Jaeger has also made incredible strides in his development. He’s recently started wearing new clothes and can now get dressed in only 2 minutes. His language is improving and he is now able to use 2-3 word phrases. With increased language, comes reduced frustration and reduced negative behaviors.

Before Imagine A Way entered Amelia and Jaeger’s lives, their parents didn’t know what to expect for their future. They assumed that their children would have to live with them forever. Today, Heidi and Jeffrey fully expect their children to develop and maintain relationships, have jobs and lead a typical, fulfilling life. None of this would have been possible without the therapy they received with help from Imagine A Way.
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