Meet Ethan.
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Ethan at the beach

“They said he wouldn't, but he did. They said he couldn't, but he can. They said he won't, but he will.” - unknown

As a toddler, Ethan was a happy, quirky, inquisitive child, but he wasn’t talking as much as his peers. When his parents, Emily and Chris took him to the developmental pediatrician, they hoped to find some answers. The doctor evaluated Ethan and diagnosed him with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Emily and Chris walked out of the appointment with more questions than they had when they entered.

Would their son go to a regular school?
Would he make friends?
Would he be able to live alone?
Would he get married?

Ethan began speech and occupational therapy through his school district and made progress, but it wasn’t enough. His doctor encouraged his parents to look into ABA therapy. ABA therapists could teach Ethan to be more independent, to dress himself and feed himself. They could also give Chris and Emily the skills they needed to effectively manage meltdowns.

The optimism his parents felt after that appointment quickly turned to frustration. Ethan’s insurance didn’t cover ABA. The doctor prescribed 20-30 hours per week of ABA therapy. A price tag of $40,000-$60,000 a year is not something that was even a possibility for the family. Ethan’s parents knew they needed help in order for their son reach his potential.

Imagine A Way stepped in and Ethan is now receiving 15 hours of ABA therapy every week.

“When we first got his diagnosis I was so scared and apprehensive for his future but now we are learning to take each day as it comes and celebrate each triumph no matter how small! We see our little boy happy, thriving and growing each day and that is amazing!!”

Ethan used to repeat the same phrases over and over again. Today he is able to speak in sentences. As his communication has improved, his challenging behaviors have decreased. Ethan’s family is now able to go out together and have fun and his parents are enjoying their happy, thriving, growing little boy! The progress Ethan has made has dramatically improved their lives.

“The grant we received from Imagine A Way has changed our lives tremendously! He constantly surprises us with new skills and abilities and now instead of fearing the future we look forward to it!” – Emily (Ethan’s mom)
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