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“I saw that you were perfect and I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more.”― Angelita Lim
Christian’s mom, Alejandra, came to Imagine A Way for help when she could barely make ends meet. At the time, Christian was not able to communicate his thoughts and feelings at all. Any words he said were only echoes of what he heard. An early childhood interventionist told Alejandra that she saw red flags for autism.

“When Christian was first diagnosed, my family and I were devastated. I did everything I could to not break down and cry right there and then. For a moment, all the dreams that I had for him flashed in front of my eyes and I wondered how his life would be.” -Alejandra (Christian's Mom)
When a family is faced with an autism diagnosis, it isn’t just the child and parents who are affected. The extended family also shares in the worry, struggles and joy of raising a child on the autism spectrum. As a single mom, working full-time to support Christian, Alejandra leans on her parents and brother for help.

”We prayed and asked God to help Christian receive this much needed therapy. God answered that prayer with Imagine A Way. A door has been opened. These therapies will help our wonderful grandson live an independent life and help him contribute to society.”-Christian’s grandma

Since beginning therapy, provided by Imagine A Way, Christian has made amazing progress. He now speaks more and requests things that he wants. His world has opened up. After only a few weeks in therapy, Christian told his mom for the first time in his life, “I want more water.”

With this progress, it is also clear that a few months of therapy is not enough for a child with autism. Imagine A Way is committed to helping Christian until he is 7 years old. What once seemed impossible, is now possible. Christian is on his way to sharing his unique gifts with the world.

“I can sleep at night knowing he is getting these much needed therapies. Without this grant, he would get very little, if any, therapy. I can now see him succeeding and reaching his full potential, which will be extraordinary! It has been life changing! I pinch myself every day and thank God and Imagine A Way!”-Christian's Mom


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