Meet Cannon.
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"I wouldn't change my son for the world but I will change the world for my son." –Holly Robinson Peete
Like all parents, Jake and Stephanie had a vision of what their family would look like. Jake planned to coach college football and Stephanie planned to quit her job and stay home with their children. This all changed when their son, Cannon, was born and immediately spent the first 39 days of his life in the neonatal intensive care unit. He was diagnosed with a rare genetic mutation.

Stephanie’s medical insurance covered Cannon’s hospital bills. She would have to continue working while Jake’s career was put on hold.

Jake and Stephanie thought the genetic mutation was the explanation for their son’s delays. At a routine visit with the developmental pediatrician around his 2nd birthday, Cannon was also diagnosed with autism. At that moment, the future Stephanie and Jake imagined for their son, changed.

“Even though he had this genetic mutation, hearing ‘autism’ was much harder for us.”-Stephanie (Cannon’s Mom) Cannon’s parents knew they could stop at nothing to give him every chance to lead a full and productive life. They were already receiving many therapies that their insurance covered, but were frustrated to learn that ABA therapy, the most effective therapy for children with autism, was not covered.

The doctor suggested 30-40 hours a week of therapy. At $45 an hour, the total would be more than $7,000 a month. That’s $84,000 a year. To pay out of pocket for this life changing therapy wasn’t even a possibility. So, the family turned to Imagine A Way.

Since beginning ABA therapy Cannon has progressed more than his parents had hoped. They were prepared for the possibility that they would always have to change their son’s diapers. After only 3 days, his ABA therapists were able to potty train him.

“His therapists have challenged him to do things that we didn’t think he’d ever be able to do.” –Jake (Cannon’s Dad)
Today, Cannon can tolerate multiple food items and can drink from a cup. He can use his iPad to communicate many of his wants and needs. Cannon can now attend church with his family and participate with his peers. He is learning and growing. And he is happy. Imagine A Way stepped in and helped Cannon and his family at the time they needed it most.

“When someone does something for your child that you can’t offer them yourself, it is priceless.” –Stephanie (Cannon's Mom)

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