Board of Directors
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There are many dedicated people who join together to make Imagine A Way.

We have a prestigious Board of Directors made up of professional business and community leaders who provide strategic direction for our success. Because the Board believes so strongly in helping parents imagine a way for their child with autism, they contribute substantial personal time, energy, and financial support to the organization.

In addition to our inspired leaders, we have an experienced staff, a dedicated group of volunteers, compassionate donors, and generous corporate partners who all join together to put our mission into action for the children we serve. Our work would not be possible without their support.


William Niels photo

William Niels - President

As a career entrepreneur and visionary, Billy Niels has a long history creating profitable service organizations and taking them from vision to reality. With a strong work ethic and irreproachable integrity, Billy is a proponent of empowerment with responsibility and brings vision, motivation and leadership to Imagine A Way.







David Hanford - photoDavid Hanford - Vice President

David was born in Chicago, lived on the East Coast, but made his way to Texas as soon as possible. After a few years in Houston, he journeyed to Austin which he has called home for over 20 years.

After receiving a Bachelors of Business Administration, David began his professional career in Human Resources Management. However, after a few years he was driven to pursue his passion for technology. He performed roles as a network engineer, International helpdesk manager, Regional network services manager, and eventually National Services Director for a Fortune 500 company.

For the past several years David has focused his attentions on numerous entrepreneurial and investment opportunities. This new flexibility of schedule has allowed him to focus on what’s most important; his wife of over 23 years, his two sons (6 & 9), and supporting his community.




Keith Maples photo

Keith Maples - Past President

Keith grew up on the east side of Houston, his father working in a refinery and his mother a part-time church secretary. He put himself through college and law school, a testament to his work ethic and determination.

In his law career devoted exclusively to Family Law, Keith specializes in divorce settlements and custody arrangements. An experienced mediator and arbitrator in all family law matters, he has particular expertise in issues related to special needs children. Keith brings legal knowledge, his personal experience with autism, and professional experience representing parents of special needs children.


Mariano Camarillo photoMariano Camarillo - Secretary

Mariano Camarillo is in the information technology industry and has a 20-year track record of securing, staffing and managing all facets of multi-million dollar software, systems integration and staffing contracts in the public and commercial sectors. Mariano graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor in Business Administration in Accounting. Mariano is an avid runner and a member of Gilbert’s Gazelles Training Group. In addition to his involvement with Imagine A Way Board, Mariano is an active volunteer with Meals on Wheels, the Gazelle Foundation and Austin Partners in Education.



Carolyn Price photo

Carolyn Price - Treasurer/ Founder









Joel Price photo

Joel Price - Executive Director/ Founder

Joel Price is the founder of Imagine A Way and served as the first President of our organization.

From the moment he realized there were children with autism who would be deprived of the interventions most promising for their success, he committed to do all he could to provide those families with the services and therapies their child needed.

Joel’s compassionate heart and willingness to take the first step was the catalyst that drove the creation of Imagine A Way. Under Joel’s leadership, Imagine A Way has stepped up to become the only organization fully funding children who would otherwise be lost in the gap.

By sharing his passion and enthusiasm, Joel has inspired many to get involved with and support Imagine A Way. We wouldn’t be who or what we are without him.


  • Lew Curatolo
  • Beau Curtis
  • Brent Etlinger
  • Jana Grimes
  • Tina Holder
  • Jan Niels
  • Jim Urhausen, III

Together we will help families Imagine A Way!

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