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There are many dedicated people who join together to make Imagine A Way.

We have a prestigious Board of Directors made up of professional business and community leaders who provide strategic direction for our success. Because the Board believes so strongly in helping parents imagine a way for their child with autism, they contribute substantial personal time, energy, and financial support to the organization.

In addition to our inspired leaders, we have an experienced staff, a dedicated group of volunteers, compassionate donors, and generous corporate partners who all join together to put our mission into action for the children we serve. Our work would not be possible without their support.


Billy Niels photo

William Niels - President

As a career entrepreneur and visionary, Billy Niels has a long history creating profitable service organizations and taking them from vision to reality. With a strong work ethic and irreproachable integrity, Billy is a proponent of empowerment with responsibility and brings vision, motivation and leadership to Imagine A Way.

David Hanford photo

David Hanford - Vice President

What inspires you to be on the board for IAW?
I have received numerous blessings in my life, the greatest of these is my family. I believe strongly that to whom much is given, much is expected. Since I’ve been given so much love, I’m inspired to work with Imagine A Way to help other families experience the love in their homes more fully by helping to alleviate the financial stress that comes from raising a child with autism.

What do you value most about what IAW provides?
I find tremendous value in hearing how therapies sponsored by IAW allow Moms & Dads to communicate more fully with their autistic children. There is no price you can put on the first time a child tells their parents, “I love you”.

In my professional life, I began my professional career in Human Resources Management. After a few years I was driven to pursue my passion for technology. I have performed roles as a network engineer, International helpdesk manager, Regional network services manager, and eventually National Services Director for a Fortune 500 company. For the past several years I have focused my attentions on numerous entrepreneurial and investment opportunities.

Keith Maples photo

Keith Maples - Past President

What inspires you to be on the board for IAW?
We have an autistic son and we have been lucky enough to have the resources to pay for all of his therapies. I wanted to help others who did not have the ability to cover the costs on their own.

In my professional life, I have a family law practice that focuses on divorces with complex property issues, and custody cases involving special-needs children.

Mariano Camarillo photo

Mariano Camarillo - Secretary

What inspires you to be on the Board for IAW?
The opportunity to help change a child’s and family’s life by providing guidance and financial resources they need to access therapies which will help enhance their opportunity to live a full and rich life.

What do you value most about what IAW provides?
IAW’s board and volunteer staff's demonstrated commitment to doing whatever they can to contribute their ideas, time, and other resources to help our current and future families.

In my professional life, I recruit, place and manage information technology professionals in the public sector.

Carolyn Price photo

Carolyn Price - Treasurer/ Founder

Joel Price photo

Joel Price - Executive Director/ Founder

Joel Price is the founder of Imagine A Way and served as the first President of our organization.

From the moment he realized there were children with autism who would be deprived of the interventions most promising for their success, he committed to do all he could to provide those families with the services and therapies their child needed.

Joel’s compassionate heart and willingness to take the first step was the catalyst that drove the creation of Imagine A Way. Under Joel’s leadership, Imagine A Way has stepped up to become the only organization fully funding children who would otherwise be lost in the gap.

By sharing his passion and enthusiasm, Joel has inspired many to get involved with and support Imagine A Way. We wouldn’t be who or what we are without him.



Lew Curatolo photo

Lew Curatolo

What inspires you to be on the Board for IAW?
I have a deep passion for helping children in need. It began when I became a Shiner (at age 21) helping severely burned and crippled children. I always had a strong belief that you won’t be blessed for what you have (but you may be for what you do with it).....put it to good use.

What do you value most about what IAW provides?
The up close and personal attention given to local children that need our help.

In my professional life, I built and later decommissioned Nuclear Power facilities (along with other energy related projects). I produced records in Nashville for 25 years and have owned Labor Finders for 34 years. Additionally, I have been involved in land development and ranching.

Beau Curtis photo

Beau Curtis

What inspires you to be on the Board for IAW?
Carolyn and Joel were my inspiration to support Imagine a Way. In them I saw business owners creatively exerting their experience and resources to improve their communities and the people's lives within it. The event focused fundraising mechanism they created is an example of what can happen when passionate people apply their skills and experience to create a platform for caring people to wage battle from.

What do you value most about what IAW provides?
Imagine a Way provides hope. Hope for the children, their families, for the like minded supporters who believe a community can and should lift itself up. Imagine a Way weaves a strong rope from the threads of our community - 501C3s, families in need, community supporters and synergistic businesses with the same philosophy of doing what you can with what you've got.

In my professional life, For the majority of my "professional" career, I've been the lead problem solver at ATX Event Systems, a production company specializing in live event technologies for conferences, concerts, & brand activations. We help produce some really amazing events internationally, but there've only been 2 of them who's events have had a spiritual effect on me: Pope Francis' Mass at the U.S Border and my first Imagine a Way Gala. While onsite in Juarez, we were blessed by the Pope for the technology we created for him to deliver a message. While at Imagine a Way's Gala, I saw Carolyn and Joel's example and began seeing my company's abilities as a tool to support causes & ideas I believe in to affect the change in the world I want to see.

Brent Etlinger photo

Brent Etlinger

Sarah Gilbreath photo

Sarah Gilbreath

What inspires you to be on the Board for IAW?
I was a supporter of IAW many years before I had children myself or experienced ASD within my own family. I have several friends who have gone down this path before me and all were supporters of IAW so I was happy to support the organization as means of supporting friends and their children. When my stepson was 3 years old we received his diagnosis of ASD. We had seen warning signs that now seem so obvious but at the time the diagnosis felt overwhelming. We didn’t know where to start with interventions and we had no idea what the future would hold for our little guy. He was only 3 and we wondered “would he be ok?”, “would he have friends?”, “would he ever be able to have a conversation with us?”… No one wants to see their child suffer any setback or struggle and we were overwhelmed with not knowing what would work and what wouldn’t. Every decision felt like life or death in the beginning. A few months later we attend the IAW gala and the Mendenhall’s story was featured. They had a Parker and he was just like our Parker. For the first time we felt hope. We saw actual verifiable progress and were so touched by how over time the diagnosis, the interventions, all the acronyms and accommodations effortlessly become part of your daily life. I realized the questions and worry we had were no different than any parent has for any neurotypical child. We all want the same things for our kids: for them to be loved, follow their dreams and love themselves. I felt such hope and acceptance seeing their story but was filled with both gratitude for our situation that we could afford to provide any therapy or intervention necessary and guilt for all the families that can’t do the same. I am inspired to give back through IAW and give families that are just beginning this journey hope and the financial support they need to give their kids the basic interventions they need to succeed.

What do you value most about what IAW provides?
The support and sense of community to families that are experiencing what feels like an overwhelming and insurmountable obstacle. I can’t think of many things worse as a parent than knowing that your child needs help and not being to provide to them based on financial limitations. Finding the right support for your ASD child is hard enough but to find something that is a good fit and could work for your child and to be told no because of insurance or lack of funds is heartbreaking. All kids on the ASD deserve the support and intervention necessary to thrive and succeed and IAW provides just that.

In my professional life, I began working in family law while studying communications and business at the University of Texas in Austin. I love the challenges of working on complex cases and enjoy working closely with clients. I have worked in family law for over 14 years. After many years of working behind the scenes, I transitioned to supporting the partners with overseeing the operations of the firm as Chief Operating Officer and serve as a paralegal on select cases.

Jana Grimes photo

Jana Grimes

Tina Holder photo

Tina Holder

What inspires you to be on the Board for IAW?
I would have to say my inspiration for being on the IAW board is being able to give back to the community while helping children and their families have a better quality of life. Giving the parents the ability to help their children with communication is what I love most about IAW.

What do you value most about what IAW provides?
I value that IAW is just like the people we help. Compassionate people dedicated to helping families dealing with autism by bringing the community coming together to help children with autism get the help they need during the years they need it most.

In my professional life, I started my career working as a Human Resource Manager for The Hewlett Packer company. As the HR manager I did organizational planning, recruitment, organization development, employee relations, and employee engagement. That is where I really got involved in charity work. I was on the startup committee for the United Way origination for my company.

Lara Keel photo

Lara Keel

Jan Niels photo

Jan Niels

Jim Urhausen, III photo

Jim Urhausen, III

Together we will help families Imagine A Way!
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