We are just like you. We are loving parents, involved grandparents, compassionate friends, dedicated volunteers and inspired leaders. And just like you, our lives have been touched by autism. Imagine A Way is an Austin-based non-profit dedicated to helping families dealing with autism.

What We Do

Imagine A Way stands in the gap for families of children with autism who are in need of, but cannot afford, critical therapeutic services.
While we do not yet know a cure for autism, therapies in the preschool years make the most significant impact in the child’s lifelong success.
We help children with autism get the help they need during the years they need it most.

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Why We Help

Children ages 2 to 7 are in a window of time where every hour of therapy can make an exponential difference in their future.
Intervention NOW can completely change the trajectory of their lives.
For these children, the need is TODAY.
Today, they need help. Today, they need a hand up. Today, they need therapy.

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Imagine a Way: The Hornungs from Castleview Productions on Vimeo.

EVERY child deserves the chance to reach their full potential. And that is just as true for a child with autism as it is true for all other children.

Research has shown that the earlier a child with autism receives comprehensive, consistent therapies… the greater chance that child has for success.

Imagine A Way empowers parents by ensuring that financial limitations will not restrict their child’s ability to receive the therapies proven to give the greatest opportunity for success. Imagine A Way is an Austin-based charity, touching individual families… but with an impact strong enough to transform lives and the communities in which they live. Austin is a compassionate, generous community. We are dedicated to helping families impacted with autism. Will you join us?

Together, we can make a difference in our world, one child, one family at a time.


“We barely had time to process his diagnosis before we were hit with the debilitating blow of the cost to treat it. As parents all you want in life is to protect and provide for your child, and here we were, in a place where we couldn’t do that. It was the absolute lowest point of my life. Then we discovered Imagine A Way.”

“There’s nothing more frustrating, nothing that makes you feel more helpless, than knowing there’s something out there to help your child but you can’t get to it. That’s almost worse than if there was no help at all. Then, after trying so hard for so long to get our son what he needed, we found a way. We found Imagine A Way.”

“IAW made this happen, and our family will forever be grateful. Thank you for helping my son discover friendship. Thank you for helping him communicate his fears, wants, and needs. And most of all, thank you for helping him express and experience feelings of affection.”